Intro30 is a recruiting platform that offers candidates the chance to introduce themselves in 30 seconds.

We believe that video is the future of recruitment in a globalized, digitalized, often virtual working world.

The driving force behind all technology, growth, and innovation is still people.

We've spent decades recruiting: we know the frustrations on both the candidate and the business side.

We know that if you just met each other right away everything would be simpler.

Welcome to the Future of Recruitment.

Welcome to Intro30

What people are saying

I was thoroughly pleased with the Intro30 platform. It places you in front of hiring companies and lets you shine. Just put together  a strong video presentation and off you go!  I loved how I could showcase myself and personality in addition to my resume and credentials. It was incredibly helpful at moving me from job seeker to job finder and now employed at a company I could really grow with. Thank you Intro30!
Craig, Candidate

I truly think this idea of revolutionizing hiring is going to be the new standard!
Elise, Client

You have cornered the last remaining element to be untouched in the oversaturated recruiting market, the human element of the first impression.
Chris, Candidate

As soon as I read the vision of, it resonated with me. During my time running and growing my start up, I have interviewed multiple candidates and have constantly thought that there should be a more efficient way to get a sense of the person's personality rather than trying to read between the lines of a resume that is mostly generic.
Jordan, Business Leader


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DIVERSITY & INCLUSION should be an integral part of every company’s recruitment policy. Intro30 will appraise and only work with companies who operate as Equal Opportunity Employers and who value diversity.

They will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Employers are expected to practice non-discriminatory actions during every phase of the hiring process. Apply the same care and consideration to video resume evaluation.

Intro30 is not a recruitment agency and does not charge any recruitment fees.