You're more than just your resume

Intro30 gives you 30 seconds to Introduce Yourself.

Create a 30 second video and upload it to your profile on Intro30 in order to be Seen, Heard and Hired!

Be Hired

What it is


Intro30 is a revolutionary recruiting platform offering candidates the chance to introduce themselves with a 30 second video

First impressions

Businesses and Recruiters get an Immediate first impression.

Save Time

Save time and resources - jump right to the second interview.

How it works

Tell your story with a 30 second video on your profile
Browse businesses & opportunities
Meet and be hired

You will need

Your resume
(ideally in Word AND PDF, but just PDF is OK.)

A profile photo
(.jpg or .png format - please look professional)

A smart phone or built in laptop camera
(to record your 30-second video)