How to create a 30 second Intro30 video

 Here are some tips for making your 30 second candidate video stand out.

1. Look presentable. This will be the first impression you give to possible future employers. Make sure you comb your hair and dress smart.

2. Be in a well-lit area as employers want to see you. Make sure the light source is not at your back.

3. Like-Umm, these are the most common and natural things to say when people talk, once you record your first video, have a look at how many times you say "like" and "Umm", try and reduce them if you can.

4. Smile. When you speak with a smile your tone and face automatically make your personality brighter.

5. Eye contact, look at the camera when you can, it really makes the video more engaging.

6. Relevance, all life experience is relevant but try and select situations that brought out the best in you.

7. Remember that the people watching this are looking for people for their team. So be a team player.

When recording your video, consider adding the following info:

What's your name?
Where are you from?
What school are you attending?
What's your major?
What are your passions/hobbies/interests?
What kind of experience have you had?
How do you feel about entering the employment market?
What is the ideal work culture you feel is right for you?