Is this Frozen II song a metaphor for Intro30?

So I’ve blubbed my way through the marvelous Frozen 2 twice already, and while belting out “Show Yourself” in the car on the school run with my 6-year-old this morning - it hit me: “Show Yourself” is a lovely and more tuneful rendition of what I’ve been peddling here at Intro30! 
It’s my message to candidates everywhere:

Show yourself: I’m dying to meet you!
It’s your turn
Are you the one [we’ve] been looking for?

It’s an invitation to introduce yourself, to embrace who you are and show us your 30-second elevator pitch.

Now I don’t usually quote Disney movies in my business dealings but this is a wonderful reminder to us about all sorts of adult world scenarios, not least of which is to trust your instincts and be yourself.

Other lessons include:
The value of D&I: embracing differences, trusting one another, working together, trusting ourselves; the dangerous potential of the past to overwhelm the present and the dangers of mistrust based on misconceptions.

As I’ve written many times, unless you’re dead, you're biased. We lean towards what is familiar to us. Our brains are hardwired that way.

So instead of fighting whatever behemoth bias you’re up against:  be it age, gender, language, whatever - just rise above it and be yourself. 

And be proud of who that is.

Show Yourself and smash those preconceptions, cliches or stereotypes. You'll find what you're looking for.

Let’s all be exceptional.

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