Recruitment Tech through the Candidates’ Eyes

According to Bersin by Deloitte, HR tech spend is currently over $40 billion globally. Since more than 45 million people in the US change jobs every year, a large proportion of this spend is on recruitment tools that make hiring quicker, easier and more accurate. Which is great for recruiters, but we need to check our tech is making finding a job easier, more accessible and engaging for candidates too.

What candidates want

Just as we expect consumer-grade tech elsewhere in our lives (to get a taxi, order a takeaway, access banking), recruitment should be no exception.  Long online application forms and uploaded resumes are outdated and do nothing to make the process more engaging, fairer or more accurate. Candidates know this and so organizations risk losing good candidates through lengthy processes and unnecessary delays.

This is where technology can help by supporting a candidate-centric approach to hiring that puts people firmly in control of their own career planning.

But tech isn’t without its issues!

While traditional processes compromise both candidate experience and accuracy of decision-making, the latest technology is not without teething problems either. In the quest to adopt the latest and greatest AI, we can risk creating on an illusion of fairness rather than equal opportunity for all.

Microsoft recently called for more regulation in the US around facial recognition technology which is increasingly used in video interviewing and another study showed that facial recognition performs better on lighter subjects which has the potential to lead to biased decision making if used in recruitment. The key is to get humans and technology working together for the best outcomes.

Face to face still matters

At Intro30 we know that if you just met each other right away everything would be simpler! Using video as part of the hiring process (not as a replacement for face to face or to make final decisions) is a great opportunity for recruiters and hiring managers to get a 3D view of candidates at scale and across geographical boundaries.

Using video allows candidates to be themselves as they have time to prepare. It allows them to be seen in full color, beyond the black and white of qualifications and experience that we get from a CV. Candidates who can prepare well for the recruitment process and who get the opportunity show their best selves during the process are more likely to become right-fit hires and therefore stay and contribute to organizational success.

What can you learn from a 30 second video?

Intro30 is a recruiting platform that offers candidates the chance to introduce themselves in 30 seconds. This is especially valuable for early career roles where candidates may lack on the job experience and for roles where communication is key such as retail, hospitality and customer care.

We don’t use AI to analyze facial characteristics or movements, we allow recruiters and hiring managers to see people at face value:

·       Confidence

·       Preparation

·       Friendliness

·       Empathy

·       Respect

·       Succinctness of communication

Can be gleaned from a 30 second video. This doesn’t make the hiring decision, but it helps to inform next steps. Using video early in the hiring funnel means tech doesn’t replace humans but it upgrades the experience for everyone – candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

We believe that video is the future of recruitment in a globalized, digitalized, often virtual working world. But, the driving force behind all technology, growth, and innovation is still people. Our platform makes video slick and easy for candidates, providing them with a professional output.

For recruiters, 30 second videos free up their time from sifting CVs to focus on the things that matter. We know that in-house recruiters feel they spend too much time reviewing CVs, scheduling phone interviews and interrogating the ATS. Intro30 helps to free up that time by helping you meet candidates right away.

To see a demo of Intro30 visit our website or get in touch with us to find out more.

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