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What is this?

Intro30 is a revolutionary recruitment platform that allows candidates to Introduce Themselves wtih 30-second videos.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing during COVID.

Why do I need Intro30?

Because if you're one of 89% of hiring managers, you'd welcome a video resume. It shows a candidate's bravery, authenticity, friendliness & most importantly — the FIRST IMPRESSION that your customers will also see

Do candidates want to record video resumes?

Yes. Have you heard of TikToc? Snapchat? YouTube?
We all love video.
Even more so now since COVID.

How do I do this?

Register and subscribe (for FREE right now)
Add your business info
Add a job
Browse existing candidates and attract more
Reach out directly and arrange an interview

What do I need?

Your logo
Your company blurb
A job description or two
An open mind

Any tips?

Treat Video Resumes with the respect and dignity you'd treat any prospective employee.
Be Mindful of any potential biases you have.
Be Kind and give these candidates a chance to shine.

Can I talk to a human first?

Yes you can contact

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