Co-Founder / Chief Revenue Officer


We are looking for a CRO / Co-Founder to take charge of the growth and scale of our amazing Intro30 recruitment ecosystem.

As we grow we need someone to helm the ship through fundraising and client acquisition so we can concentrate on nurturing the candidate base and spreading the word about how fab Intro30 profiles and video resumes are.

Our mission is to change how recruitment is done. We empower candidates to introduce themselves in 30-second videos, as part of a professional and shareable Intro30 profile.

Our competition is the resume.

We need someone who understands the recruitment game, understands the start-up scramble and who has retained a sense of kindness and compassion towards the job seeker.

Someone who can lift up, scale and articulate our vision to investors, hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers in the Bay Area and then globally.

We can be generous on equity and are looking to partner with someone who shares our passion and commitment on this journey.

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