Senior Data Center Instructor/Engineer


We are seeking a Data Center instructor who has exceptional teaching, consulting, and engineering skills. This is primarily an instructor role, but you must have consulting and engineering experience. You will also continue to work on consulting engagements to keep your skills sharp.



·       Deep consulting experience in Data Center architecture, design, and operations

·       Deep level of Data Center networking expertise, including:

  1. Deployment of modern VxLAN-based networks
  2. Hands-on experience with Software Defined Networking, including either Cisco ACI or VMware NSX
  3. Strong fundamental knowledge in storage networking (SAN)
  4. Engineering-level experience with at least one major cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  5. Some experience working with Docker and Kubernetes



·       Public speaking experience — you don’t need to have “Instructor” on your CV, but you must be a confident, dynamic speaker

·       Consulting (engineering) experience is required

·       Dependable and committed to excellence



·       Some experience with scripting (e.g. Python, PowerShell) will be an asset

·       Broader knowledge of DevOps tools and practices will be greatly valued

·       Content development experience (e.g. training materials, whitepapers) would be a plus

Opportunity Type

Full Time

Start Date

December 2020

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